• I love English Pronunciation.  I’m English (originally from London), and I sound like people who read the news.
  • I also love languages, travel, and being a global citizen. It excites me that it’s never been easier to access the global job market or to live and work in other countries.
  • I’m supportive, encouraging, and I care.  I genuinely care. I love seeing people get ahead and reach their potential. This is what lead me to coach.
  • I understand what you’re going through and where you want to get to because I’ve been there myself. I taught myself Portuguese in Brazil and Japanese in Japan. In both countries, there were times where I struggled with the languages and wished that I could speak more effectively.
  • My coaching style is professional, focused yet informal, I want you to feel relaxed and leave every session feeling confident, inspired, and ready for action.
  • I take my clients success seriously and will support you to succeed.
  • I run the Youtube channel and website English School Online.  My vision is to make world-class English learning affordable and accessible. By focusing on the study that gets the maximum amount of output, students and clients rapidly increase the effectiveness of their study and quality of their English speech.
  • I’ve worked with Google, British Airways, BP, The Guardian Newspaper, Heineken UK, and many more.


  • My core values in life are education, opportunity, and experience.
  • My biggest passions and hobbies are body-weight fitness, drumming, language learning, listening to music, and personal development,
  • I’m not a big user of social media…I just prefer having real conversations with people.
  • I eat a fully plant based diet and haven’t been ill in over 2 years.
  • I built a drum kit out of a suitcase so that I could travel the world and never be without a kit.
  • I don’t watch TV and rarely watch films. I’m probably the only guy who’s never seen the Matrix.
  • A side passion of mine is helping people to develop a fitness based lifestyle that leaves them looking and feeling great.  I run a best-selling course called the Vegan Body Plan and have helped over 13,000 students.
  • In a previouse job, I played a game of football on a V.I.P flight as we flew through the Northern Lights.
  • I wanted to learn Portuguese, so moved to Brazil and self studied the language to fluency. I now have Brazilian clients.
  • I once flew the whole way around the world – 27 hours on a plane each way – to tell a girl a loved her.

My family and I.