• You want to reach your full potential in English and fast-track your career.
  • You invest in your development and are always striving to improve.
  • You want to build a great personal brand, promote yourself effectively, and instantly be recognised as a serious professional.
  • You can already speak English and now want to focus on achieving a better quality of life within the language.
  • You’ve identified that you have room to improve your English speaking and recognise that improving it will add value to your work/personal life.
  • You might currently be shy or lacking confidence in your speech. You may fear looking stupid when you speak. People misunderstand you, or keep saying ‘pardon?’. This is a horrible place to be and is how most people feel, especially when working with native English speakers. It can leave you feeling isolated, unhappy, and judged. This is where I come in to help!
  • You want to get better and are not afraid to put in the work.
  • You’re adventurous, ambitious, and want to get ahead in a global market.